Mountain Monday Special Feature: Mount Wood

This week’s Mountain Monday feature is Mount Wood! Mount Wood is the 3rd highest summit in Montana, topping out at 12,649 feet.

This mountain is rarely climbed due to its inaccessibility and necessary bushwhacking on the south side of the climb. While the climb is long and relatively strenuous, the view from the summit is awe inspiring! The north face is draped in permanent snow, the view to the south is Granite Peak (Montana’s tallest Mountian), and you get far distant views of Silver Run, Whitetail, and the Castle and snowbank mountains!

Mount Wood features 2 distinct summits, and it is unclear which is truly taller, with the USGS stating the east is tallest and GPS claiming the west. We’ll have to find out for ourselves next time we’re in the area!

Learn more about Mount Wood and its namesake here: