Mountain Monday Feature: The Grand Teton

Happy Mountain Monday! I hope your week is off to a great start! This week’s Mountain Monday feature goes out to one of the great mountaineering destinations in the world. The Grand Teton is the star feature of The Grand Teton National Park. 

It is the tallest mountain in the park, landing at 13,775 feet. There is a disagreement as to who made the first ascent of the mountain, as James Stevenson first claimed to have made it. It was later discovered that his description matched The Enclosure, a summit next to Grand Teton. His claim was disproven (some say) in 1898, when William Owen made it to the summit and found that Stevenson’s description did not match what he saw, nor did Stevenson mention the difficulty of the climb toward the top of the mountain. 

To this day, mountaineers from all over the country and the world come to scale this beast. There are 3 main climbs available, that of course will vary in difficulty. 

To honor this wildly popular mountian, we’ve named one of our most popular bags after it! The Grand Teton Brief Case and Messenger Bag shares the mountain’s notoriety as one of the most popular in the west! This bag features a classic western look with technological advances that keep the look modern! This bag features an exterior laptop/tablet sleeve separated from the main compartment, making it ideal for work meetings, day trips, or running errands around town. This bag includes 2 zipped pockets on the rear side of the bag and 1 quick release buckle on the front to hold your items securely!