Mountain Monday Feature: Pike’s Peak

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend! It’s time for another special feature of Mountain Monday! 

Today’s special feature is on what is often referred to as “America’s Mountain,” Pikes Peak. This mountain is named after Zebulon Pike, who never actually was able to reach the summit of this monster. Pike’s Peak is the tallest mountian in the Front Range, and is the highest point of anything East of its location. 

Like most of the mountains that we have featured on this page, Pike’s Peak has another incredible history. Though the mountain was first discovered in the 1700s, it was not actually successfully scaled until 1820, when Edwin James made it to the summit. Zebulon Pike, who the mountain is named after, did attempt to climb the mountain, failed to reach the summit 14 years prior to James’ historic climb. 

Today, Pike’s Peak remains one of the most famous mountains in the USA. In fact, it is such a popular destination that there is a restaurant AND gift shop at its summit! You can make the climb in about 14 hours OR you can drive up, taking only a handful of minutes!

To honor this American Classic, we named our most popular computer bag The Pike’s Peak. Like its mountain counterpart, The Pike’s Peak can not only survive the harshest of journeys, but make it look like a breeze while doing so! 

Learn more about the bag AND the mountain here: