Mountain Monday Feature: Mount Massive

Happy Monday to all, the best day of the week! We are diving right in this Monday back to our regularly scheduled programming with another rendition of #MountainMonday! 

This week’s Mountain Monday feature is none other than Mount Massive, the second highest summit of the Rocky Mountains. For those of you that remember, Mount Massive is 12 feet shorter than Mount Elbert and aficionados of each have a fierce rivalry (more on that later). 

Mount Massive was originally discovered AND ascended by Henry Gannet, who’s the namesake of Gannet Peak. 

As with any true competitor, Mount Massive truly embraces the idea that second place is the first loser. Because of this, fans of the mountain would take it upon themselves to stack stones on top of Massive’s peak in order to edge out its 14er neighbor, Mount Elbert. Naturally, fans of Elbert would combat this tactic by knocking down the not-so-natural mountain enhancement. 

Whether you are a fan of Massive or Elbert, we can all agree that 14,000 feet is incredible. To celebrate mount massive, we have named our largest bag, The Mount Massive, after it! This duffel is perfect for a weekend road trip to the mountains or the beaches! Be sure to get yours today! Hurry, Limited stock is available! Get yours now at:

Have a great week y’all,